About 10 years ago, a large menacing figure graced our front yard. That was Simon. Armed only with a lantern and piercing yellow eyes, he has protected our Halloween display ever since. Today, Simon is flanked by a growing number of equally spooky "fiends." This presentation shows our award winning display in all its chilling glory.

Here are some stills of parts of the display. Much of what you see here is hand crafted. Masks are purchased and bodies built around them. Other items are either purchased and altered to fit the display or built from scratch.


The Bolingbrook Beautification Committee has honored us once again! Please view our nine time award winning Halloween presentation! 

© 2014 • Jeff Biske


Simon was the first character that I created for the display. With the overalls and flannel shirt it was decided that he would be the caretaker for the cemetery. Because he had a hard time seeing exactly what he was doing, I later gave him a lantern.