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From static images to video production. The natural next step was to begin designing for the web. In addition to this site, I have created others and have consulted on the design for the Chicagoland Puppetry Guilds' site. Not familiar with the coding required for this process, I have used a website service. Although they do provide design templets, I prefer to start with a blank canvas and build from there. What you see below is the home page for the sites. Click on the image or the link to view the enitire site.

The original design was created about 4 years ago and had some design issues, so a total re-design was in order. I replaced the original blue background with white thereby giving the site a more open feel.


As I design print-work for this client, the photos used on this site were easily accessible. The client has been quite please with the new design and has received very positive feedback.

I began by consulting with the person developing the new site for the organization. He had recently decided to give up the project and I was asked to continue the process. A majority of the components were in place and, for the most part, just required some adjustments to the design. Type was "broken apart" to allow photos to be placed more effectively around text. Links were also established to individual performers' sites, membership application, and the organizations' newsletters.

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